Smart Data für ein personalisiertes, zielgerichtetes Marketing

Smart data for personalised, targeted marketing

Data determines the success of your marketing activities. FAVORADE is a unique plug-and-play solution that allows you to collect valuable first-party data and exploit the full potential of data-driven marketing by integrating artificial intelligence (AI).

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Verstärkte Kundenloyalität durch Förderung des User-Engagements

Increased customer loyalty through promotion of user engagement

The insight functions of FAVORADE enable the creation of relevant content tailored to the individual user in order to strengthen user engagement and customer loyalty.

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Modularer Aufbau für ein flexibles, interaktives Markenerlebnis

Modular design for a flexible, interactive brand experience

FAVORADE provides a comprehensive toolbox whose modules help to create individual and relevant content. This helps to improve the user experience, whilst also customers benefit from an optimal brand experience.

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Verstärktes Cross- und Upselling durch relevante Produktangebote

Increased cross-selling and upselling through relevant product offers

FAVORADE helps to create individually selected and relevant offers to support cross-selling and upselling. Further incentives can be offered e.g. through trial offers and product tests.

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Optimale Konnektivität mit bereits bestehenden Systemen

Optimal connectivity with existing systems

FAVORADE allows fast integration into existing CMS, CRM, PIM and DAM systems. The optimal connectivity also allows the easy integration of online shops and other e-commerce functions.

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Umfassender Datenschutz, konform mit den DSVGO-Richtlinien

Comprehensive data protection, compliant with EU GDPR guidelines

FAVORADE’s security standards comply with the data protection regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure compliance and comprehensive protection of customer data.

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Marketing-ROI-Steigerung durch Plug-and-Play

Increase marketing ROI through a flexible plug-and-play approach

FAVORADE can be implemented fast and very easily as a plug-and-play solution, it also allows for flexible expansion and is easy to maintain. FAVORADE thus increases the ROI of your digital marketing activities at short notice.

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